The Tales of Middle Earth Campaign Rules

The Tales of Middle Earth campaign is a massive map based game that people from around the world can all be apart of, with different armies waging war for supremacy of the land.

Players will register games with the site, play out the game on the table top as normal and then enter the results back in to the site. The campaign map will then update according showing the results of your battles.

Each army starts with three or more regions, once all their regions have been captured by other armies they are out of the campaign.

To capture an enemy region you register the battle, play a game on the table top as normal using the points match scenarios and warband rules in the rulebook. Once the battle has been played both players enter the result of the game to the site.
The system will then update the map automatically as needed. This can take a few moments so please let it complete before moving away from the webpage.

Each region may be a different settlement type and will award the winner Battle Points depending on the settlement type and may have special rules associated with it.

The Armies

For the purpose of the campaign, you may not use allies unless specficed in the campaign rules section for the army.

Visit the Campaign Armies page to see the list of armies and any campaign rules that can be used.


The campaign map is a view of Middle Earth at the end of the Third Age, divided into areas called Regions. All Regions are identified with a name, which usually refers to a site of note or to an entire geographical area (such as Minas Tirith or Cardolan).

Regions are outlined by white or black borders. If the border between two Regions is completely divided by a black line (which denotes impassable terrain), those Regions are not considered adjacent.
Sea areas are not Regions and can never be entered or crossed.

Each army has a number of regions under their control, the rest are classed as unoccupied.

An army may only attack a region that is next to one they currently occupy (unless the regions are seperated by a black border - see above).

They may only attack regions that are occupied by an enemy or that are unoccupied.

If you attack a region that is currently occupied by an enemy, your opponent must be of the occupied army or you may not attack that region.

If you attack an unoccupied region, your opponent can be of any army that is not of the same side as yours.

The winner of the battle gets to claim the unoccupied region as their own. Keep in mind that if you lose the battle to your opponent they will then occupy a region next to one of yours allowing them the chance to capture your region next battle, that is the risk in moving into an unoccupied region.

Some regions are worth more points than others depending on what kind of Settlement the region has, and may have special rules associated with it.


A Region can be empty, contain a Fortification, or one of three different types of Settlements details of which are outlined below.

Controlling a Region containing a fortification or a Settlement gives the controlling player several advantages. In detail:


Fortification This region may have a major feature, natural or man made, that is defensible such as a river or ruin.
Worth 2 Battle Points.

Town A region with a town (although it does not necessarily have to be set up on the gaming board) allows the defender to have the choice to deploy one warband first before the normal starting positions are resolved.
Worth 3 Battle Points.

City Similar to a town but the defender also gets a choice of starting priority.
Worth 4 Battle Points.

Stronghold Represents a feature such as a castle. Here the defender gets a choice of either a normal field battle or retreat to the stronghold and play out a siege usng the siege rules in the rulebook.
Worth 5 Battle Points.

A Region with no fortification or a Settlement gives the winner 1 Battle Point.

Booking a Battle

Look at the Campaign Map and find a region that your army currently occupies.

Look at the neighbouring regions, there will need to be either a region occupied by your opponents army, or an unoccupied region.

If there is a battle already booked there you will not be allowed to battle in that region.

Once you have found an available region, click on it and you will be taken to the Battle Booking page. Here you will need to fill in your opponents ToME user name exactly as it appears on the site.

An e-mail will then be sent to you containing your battle ID code. Keep this number safe.

You now have 7 days to play out your battle.

You can only have one battle booked at a time.

Completing a Battle

Once you have completed your game both you and your opponent need to visit the Battle Completion page and enter your Battle ID code and the game result.

If both results match the system works out who now owns the region and automatically updates the map. Please give this process a bit of time before closing your browser or moving away from the page as it can take a few moments to update the map.

If you do not both enter your results in the 7 days your game is voided and the region stays as it is.

If your results entered do not match you will both have to re-enter the results.