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About the Site

The Concept

The site is for articles written by Mithaearon and Anirothel, and for the releases of their Tales of Middle Earth supplements. These are narrative based supplements (so expect a bit of fan fiction fluff) covering areas that that books and films don't touch upon. Some of these will be historic events mentioned by Tolkien, some will be made up by the writers about the lesser adventures and characters (don't worry anything covered here would not contradict anything Tolkien wrote). The supplements will be broken down in to Citedals, Lands, Peoples and Realms depending on the subject matter of the supplement. A Tale about Glorfindel would be classified as a Peoples one, where as one mainly set in Bree and the Barrow Downs would be a Land Tale.

The People

Anirothel's information coming soon.

Mithaearon started a website way back in 19th February 2002 called (imaginatively) Mithaearon's Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Site, It started as a place for him to upload any articles related to the game, much to his suprise other people started to submit their own articles. Soon the site grew and it needed to be expanded upon so he created and founded The Last Alliance which during it's time was the premiere site for the game. In 2009 he had to leave the running of the site as it had got too big to manage. The site is still there being run, although without much of the content which was lost, by some dedicated people.
The Lord of the Rings game was first true Games Workshop game he was interested in, although Mithaearon used to play Talisman, (and does Hero Quest count as a GW game?) He has had an interest in Tolkien and all things fantasy for many years he found Warhammer to regimental, to rigid. The Lord of the Rings rules are more fluid. Mithaearon first gained an interest in Tolkien back in 82/83 when he was about 4 or 5. His parents had just bought their first family computer, a ZX Spectrum, and it came with a game, the Hobbit. This was a text adventure based on J.R.R. Tolkiens the hobbit, and it came with the book, both the game and the book captured his imagination. When his neighbour found out about his interested in this story, she suggested I watch an animated film called, 'The Lord of the Rings'. Mithaearon thought it was amazing, such an exciting and diverse world.

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