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Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm on Elk Preorder
Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm on Elk is now available to preorder on the Forgeworld site.

Click HERE to preorder yours now.

New Dwarves and Trolls available for preorder
Forgeworld has just put up new models for pre order.

Iron Hills Dwarf Command with mattocks
A hero to lead the charge, and a banner to rally to.
CLICK HERE to preorder.

Iron Hills Dwarves with mattocks
Hardy warriors with two-handed weapons to take down the toughest foes.
CLICK HERE to preorder.

Gundabad Trolls
Armed for war with the crushing club or for slaughter with scythe gauntlets.
CLICK HERE to preorder.

New Article
- posted in Building Middle Earth - Rohan
A palisade, sometimes called a stakewall or a paling, is typically a fence or wall made from wooden stakes or tree trunks and used as a defensive structure or enclosure. Rohan makes use of these to protect it's outlining villages from attacking Dunlending raids. They are relatively quick to build and make use of wood that is readily available.

Mithaearon's Hobby Vlog #4 Uloaded
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New Forgeworld Model Pictures
Here are some pictures of the forth coming releases from Forge World.

The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy There and Back Again FAQ
GW have released a new FAQ for the game.

You can download it here

Mithaearon Hooby Vlog #3
Mithaearon's hobby vlog #3 is now available:

New Article
- posted in Building Middle Earth - General
Stone bridges are used so span bodies of water and are a simple building project to make.

New Article
- posted in Building Middle Earth - Arnor
Before the encounter with the three trolls in the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the party comes across a ruined farmhouse, to which Gandalf explains, “a farmer and his family used to live here,”. This scene takes place in the Trollshaws, a dangerous borderland between Bree and Rivendell. This article shows how to make this farmhouse for games set in the Trollshaws.

New Hobby Vlog Uploaded.
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